• Newsletter march 2014.

    Full Power Officially Released! We are very happy to announce that we have reached our deadline, with pride. Full Power is now officially available and sent out to our sellaband-believers who placed their pre-order. You can now also get your CD/vinyl copy on our website:

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  • Newsletter April 2014

    Full Power picked up in the UK now too! The last few weeks have been a real thrill for the band. The album itself is selling well and nothing but positive response and reviews are coming in. A nice surprise has been the feedback we've received from the UK. Also due to the work of our new promotor over there: mr. Steve Ripley(Soulfood promotions).

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  • Newsletter May 2014.

    Newsletter 01-05-2014 It has been a great month again for the band. Even though 'Full Power' has only just been released officially, a lot of positive things have happened already in such a brief time-space. The attention we have been getting from the UK has to be mentioned here. Also because we just returned from our visit there a few days ago to do some serious promotional madness;-) Read More

  • Newsletter Sep 2014.

    The 2nd chapter of Tristan's adventure has started. The past couple of months we have been working very hard on new material. The goal? A brand new album!

    We tracked the basic parts of 14 new songs in the studio and the outcome is already quite exciting for us.

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